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Overview The “ENCOUNTER” software package from VTI provides the PC Environment from which to drive the AERO VAC Odyssey Mass Spectrometer. The Dashboard, so to speak. While capable of operating standalone, the AERO VAC is truly unleashed as an RGA and Gas Analysis system when connected to a PC and operating within the ENCOUNTER Environment…(Read More)

Overview The drive for ever more stringent production standards and efficiencies in coating processes increases the need to monitor system conditions before and during the coating process. For a system to be of value it should be able to carry out Leak Detection functions AND evaluate the quality of vacuum (checking for contaminants) which can…(Read More)



Overview Gas Analysis applications truly benefit from the inherent measurement stability that the Magnetic Sector system offers over the Quadrupole. Add to this exceptional lower mass resolution capability and you have the optimum Gas Analysis solution that can solve analysis challenges a Quadrupole simply cannot touch without becoming a specialized (and therefore very limited) version…(Read More)

AV POLARIS Leak Detector


The POLARIS leak detection system offers a unique combination of traditional high performance Leak Detection features which are combined with the optional capability of performing comprehensive Residual Gas Analysis. Available in a single system, the POLARIS is the world’s first such offering which allows true and total vacuum diagnostic and management capability. With leak…(Read More)

The Magnetic Sector Advantage The magnetic sector’s most distinct and fundamental advantage compared to the quadrupole is its simplicity. This is the basis for its high reliability, high stability, excellent quantitative capability and field maintainability. Magnetic sector mass spectrometers excel at analyzing extreme low masses such as Hydrogen and Helium in part because of…(Read More)