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Vacuum Chamber Leak Test System Using Argon Tracer Gas This automated Leak Testing System for Ball Valves leak checks each valve in two directions for internal seat leakage with the valve closed, then for external leakage with the valve open. The three tests are performed at a production rate of 90 valves per hour, using…(Read More)

Vacuum Chamber Leak Testing-Refrigerant Tracer Gas This Automated Multi-Refrigerant Leak testing System detects leakage of any refrigerant from assembled and charged room air conditioning units to a refrigerant leak-rate of 1/10th oz/year. This is a two chamber system capable of automatically testing an air conditioner unit every 30 seconds. A…(Read More)

Vacuum Chamber Leak Test System Using Hydrogen Tracer Gas This leak detection system, designed and built by VTI, performs a Helium or Hydrogen Mass Spectrometer Leak Test and also a Proof Pressure Test on heat exchangers up to 144 in. x 84 in. x 18 in. The system tests by the “Inside-Out” method and…(Read More)

Charge-in-Chamber Leak Testing System With Helium Tracer Gas Test System used for burst and automated leak testing of air-conditioner condensing units or coils as components using helium gas as a tracer. The connections of the evacuation and gas charging lines to the condensing unit are made with in the vacuum test chamber…(Read More)

Torrcon III Pressure and Vacuum Gauge Controller The VTI Torrcon III Pressure and Vacuum Gauge Controller is packages as an open frame PCB that mounts on a DIN RAIL. The printed circuit board is 3.74″ wide x 4.25″ high. As such, the Torrcon III can be embedded in any system that requires a…(Read More)