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The Fulton Bellows company manufactures high-quality precision metal bellows that perform critical functions in everything from automobiles to airplanes. But to function properly, each of these elastic metal cylinders must maintain an airtight seal strong enough to withstand dramatic changes in temperature and pressure. To help Fulton Bellows leak-test two new bellows assemblies…(Read More)


The Pre-Charged Helium Leak Test System is a chamber type leak tester tuned to detect Helium that may be leaking from the tested product in the chamber while under vacuum. This PC controlled system is supplied with a bar code reader for unit identification, and tracking/recording of test results and can be networked…(Read More)


This charge-in-chamber system uses the “inside-out” method to Helium leak test missile canisters. The carbon fiber composite missile canister is used to store, transport, and launch a surface-to-air missile. Prior to loading the missile round into the canister, the canister is leak tested in this system. The stainless steel vacuum…(Read More)


This Automated Multi-Refrigerant Leak Testing System detects leakage of any refrigerant from assembled and charged room air conditioning units to a leak-rate level of 1/10th oz/year of refrigerant. The production throughput requirement was achieved using a two-chamber system capable of automatically testing an air conditioner unit every 30 seconds. A…(Read More)

Automotive fuel tanks are leak tested in this automated system designed for high reliability and sensitivity. Helium mass-spectrometer testing was chosen because the large volume, complex plastic part made pressure decay and other test methods impractical. To test to a leak rate specification of 5 x 10E-4 atm-cc/sec, the fuel tanks…(Read More)

Automotive Torque Converters are tested for leakage to a high sensitivity level at a production rate of 2/minute in this fully automated test system. Using PC control and custom software, the system automatically loads the parts into the vacuum test chamber from the production-line conveyor, sequences the 10-step test cycle, makes the…(Read More)

This leak detection system designed and built by VTI performs a Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Test on plastic blow molded automotive fuel filler pipes. The chamber is nominally 48 in. x 48 in. x 12 in. and is designed to test two parts simultaneously. In the event of a failure it performs a “Sort” to…(Read More)

This leak detection system, designed and built by VTI, performs a Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Test and also a Proof Pressure Test on heat exchangers up to 144 in. x 84 in. x 18 in. The system tests by the “Inside-Out” method and has a fully automated test cycle including the pass-fail decision…(Read More)

This multi-function system for air-conditioning condensing units performs a high-pressure proof test and incorporates a pressure-decay type leak test to detect any large leaks that could cause delays at subsequent high-sensitivity leak test stations. Typically using pressures of 500 to 1000 psig of nitrogen or dry air, personnel protection is…(Read More)