CLOT Permeation Open-Style Calibrated Leaks




Our CLOT model is a newer design that is similar to the CLO but utilizes a Teflon permeation membrane, instead of a welded assembly. The advantage of the CLOT is that it will not plug as easily as a metal capillary may. However, the permeation membrane has a slower response time to pressure changes and has a larger temperature coefficient.

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1.0E-2 to 9.9E-2 atm-cc/sec, 1.0E-3 to 9.9E-3 atm-cc/sec, 1.0E-4 to 9.9E-4 atm-cc/sec, 1.0E-5 to 9.9E-5 atm-cc/sec, 1.0E-6 to 9.9E-6 atm-cc/sec, 1.0E-7 to 9.9E-7 atm-cc/sec, Unknown


Air (AIR), Argon (AR), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Deuterium (D2), Helium (HE), Hydrogen (H2), Krypton (KR), Methane (CH4), Mixed gases (MIX), Nitrogen (N2), Other – Please add in notes, Oxygen (O2), Refrigerants ("R"#), Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6), Xenon (XE)


#2 (1/4") Female Hansen Quick Connect, #2 (1/4") Male Hansen Quick Connect, 1-1/8" OD Tube, 1-1/8" to 3/4" OD Tube, 1.33" OD Conflat Flange, 1/4" Female NPT, 1/4" Female Schrader w/ Core Depressor, 1/4" Female VCO, 1/4" Female VCR, 1/4" Male NPT, 1/4" Male O-Seal, 1/4" Male Schrader w/o Core, 1/4" Male VCO, 1/4" Male VCR, 1/4" OD Tube, 1/4" Swagelok Compression Fitting, 1/8" Female NPT, 1/8" Male NPT, 1/8" Male O-Seal, 10-32 Bolt, 3/4" Long, 2.75" OD Conflat Flange, 3/8" Male NPT, QF16 (KF16), QF25 (KF25), QF40 (KF40)


+/-10% of Target Leak Rate, +/-15% of Target Leak Rate, +/-20% of Target Leak Rate, +/-40% of Target Leak Rate – Standard, +/-5% of Target Leak Rate