Refrigerant Vapor Recovery (RVR)


VTI SmartStation™-Based Refrigerant Vapor Recovery System

During the manufacturing process for refrigeration equipment, Refrigerant is used as a tracer gas for leak testing of components like A Coils and others. Once the leak test is completed, the refrigerant tracer gas is recovered from the components to be reused for leak testing other units in production.

The VTI Refrigerant Vapor Recovery System (RVR) is designed for repetitive recovery for reuse of refrigerant in this manufacturing leak testing environment. In addition to Standard RVR Features, Optional Features for adaptation to specific  manufacturing process parameters and physical compatibility your equipment are available.

RVR custom capability and performance features can also be provided by VTI. These include up to complete automation of your  leak testing process.

Standard RVR Features

  • Single Recovery Port
  • Panel-Mount Touch-Screen PC Control
  • 500 psi Range MSI Sensor
  • Dual Recovery Pumps, Each Rated at 0.4 CFM Flow Rate, With Total Flow Rate of Up to 0.8CFM
  • Refrigerant Recovery Pumps Can Be Operated Individually, Controlled Thru On-Board PC to Allow Service While Still Being Operational
  • VTI Recovery Process Gun With Automated Pneumatic Control And On-Board Pressure Transducer
  • Dual In-Line Filters on Recovery Line From Product
  • Manual Isolation Valves on Recovery Pumps For Maintenance Use
  • Safety Relief Valves on System And on Expansion Transfer Tank
  • Push-Button Cycle Start
  • E-Stop on Front Panel
  • Status Indicator Light Mounted to Top of Enclosure
  • 10 Foot Process Hose Terminates in #2 Hansen Process Connector (Optional Other Connections Possible)

Define Your Requirements For Custom System Compatibility

  • Refrigerant Type Being Recover In Your Process
  • Volume of Refrigeration Components In Recovery
  • Refrigerant pressure of Units Being Processed For RSecovery
  • Destination Process Unit to Which  Recovered Gas Pressure Will Discharge
  • Pressure That Recovered Components Will Be Pumped Down To
  • RVR Cycle Time Required