Distributed Tracer Gas Recovery (DTGR)


Distributed Tracer Gas Recovery (DTGR) to Multiple Locations in Your Facility

As Tracer Gases, such as Helium, have become more expensive and difficult to acquire, it has become increasingly important for organizations to recover and reuse their gas supply as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, the existing recovery solutions on the market are either expensive facility-wide utilities, small portable units with limited ability, or poorly executed industrial solutions. Therefore, VTI has developed a Tracer Gas Recovery (TGR) System to provide a solution local to your leak testing process that will enable you to recover and recycle your tracer gas supply. Any TGR leak testing process can be supported by this system. In cases where economic local multiple satellite TGR stations are required, VTI offers the DTGR distributed TGR system.

A Single Model DTGR Master Controller SmartStationTM Monitors and Controls up to Four Satellite Tracer Gas Recovery (TGR) SmartStations™

SmartStation™ PC-Based Master Controller Features:

  • Integral tubular steel frame cart with casters.
  • Rated throughput: 1.7 SCFM at 125 psig Supply and 360 Torr recovery conditions.
  • Two independent stages of oil-free compression and inter stage “skim” recovery.
  • Receives first stage compression from each satellite station.
  • Panel mount touch-screen.

SmartStation™ PLC-Based Satellite Station Features:

  • PLC controlled and integrated to Master Controller with RS-232C Communication
  • Dual manifold with controls for sequential testing up to two pairs of your product
  • Charge Tracer Gas at pressure value to your specification
  • All process valves to be pneumatically operated
  • Recovered Tracer Gas outlet valve to the skim tank
  • Satellite Locations up to several hundred feet from Master Controller

Basic Recovery Process Used With DTGR Controller/TGR Satellite System:

  • Evacuate air from product
  • Vacuum decay test on evacuated product
  • Charge with Tracer Gas
  • Hold pressure
  • Recover Tracer Gas when leak test is complete
  • Route Tracer Gas to Skim tank by expansion to increase compressor longevity
  • Recover remaining Tracer Gas with two-stage compression recovery system
  • Evacuate un-recoverable remaining Tracer Gas (heel) from product
  • Vent product back to atmosphere at the conclusion of Recovery and Evacuation

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