Atmospheric Accumulation


Charge-In-Chamber Helium Accumulation Leak Test System Features

This system involves Helium Tracer Gas Charge at above atmospheric pressure inside the part under test for gross leak testing. The test chamber, which serves as an accumulation volume for sensing helium leakage out of the part  is maintained at atmospheric pressure also. For gross leak testing of parts, the lack of a requirement of vacuum enhances process leak testing time.

The INFICON T-GuardTMLeak Detection Sensor typically is used to detect helium leakage into the accumulation volume in the chamber. No vacuum is required in the system. Measured by this sensor at atmospheric pressure, the minimum detectable leak rate is 1 x 10-6mbar-l/sec. This minimum depends on the chamber volume and the measuring time, the rejection leak rate will mostly be between 1 x 10-4 and 1 x 10-2 mbar-l/sec.

The Helium Tracer Gas concentration is ~15% at a  pressure of ~25 psig in the part. Therefore, a Helium Tracer Gas Recovery System is required  for economical Leak Testing System operation in an industrial process.