FSLTV Calibrated Refrigerant Leaks


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Additional Information

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Ordering Information

The FSLTV Calibrators can be ordered for almost any Refrigerant and for specific leak rates within a wide range of values. When ordering or requesting a quotation, please provide the Part Number and also specify the Leak Rate required using the full description of the rate and the units (for example: 0.05 ounce/year +/-20%, or 1.5 x 10-4 atm-cc/sec +/- 20%). If you have any technical or ordering questions, please contact us for assistance.

Part Number Build Up

The FSLTV Series Part Numbers are constructed as follows:


where XXXX = the code for the Leak Rate required

where YYYY = the “R” code of the Refrigerant required. Common refrigerants are listed below and others are available. The leak rate units, codes and ranges available are listed in the table below.

Refrigerants Available

Most Refrigerants (old and new) in use today are available in FSTLV Leaks.

Common Examples: R-12, R-404A, R-507 (AZ-50), R-22, SF6 (Tracer Gas), R-134A, R-502