RSC Calibrated Refrigerant Leaks


VTI’s new RSC Sniffer Calibrator is easier  to operate, works for years without clogging or refilling and is a fraction of the price of other Refrigerant Leak Standards. It is available only for R134a refrigerant. The RSC has several user-friendly features that make it an exceptional value. This refrigerant Sniffer Calibrator is built permanently onto the common small refrigerant can of R134a, thus providing a lifetime supply of refrigerant (at typical leak rates). Also, it features a permeation-type leak element that is not susceptible to the plugging problems that can occur with the capillary leak elements used in many refrigerant leak standards.

Additional Information

The RSC leak standard has a 1/4-in. ID recess with a tapered bottom to accept a variety of sniffer probe designs and provide repeatable results  and 100% gas collection. This “point-source” design for the gas flow assures that refrigerant vapor will not accumulate in dead spaces and cause false high readings during detector calibration, which can later result in passing bad product.

The RSC is calibrated by VTI’s A2LA Accredited calibrations laboratory and is available either with or without NIST-Traceable documentation depending upon your requirements.

Why Choose the RSC Calibrator?

WILL NOT CLOG – permeation leak element
FIVE LEAK RATE RANGES – you can choose
WIDE LEAK-RATE CHOICE – 0.1 to 3 oz/yr
NEVER NEEDS REFILL – lasts for years
SIMPLE TO OPERATE – minimal user training
NO FALSE READINGS – no large dead spaces
EASY PROBE LOCATION – for repeatable results
MEETS ISO REQUIREMENTS – NIST-traceable A2LA-Accredited Calibration Certification

The RSC Calibrator can only be ordered for R134a refrigerant and for a wide range of leak rate ranges detailed below. When ordering or requesting a quotation, please provide the Part Number and also confirm the Leak Rate Range requested using the full description of the rate and the units (for example: 0.04 to 0.10 ounce/year) . The Leak Rate provided will be within this manufacturing-variance range and the actual rate, as calibrated, will be recorded on the reservoir canister label. If you have any technical or ordering questions, please contact us for assistance.

Part Number Build Up

The RSC Series Part Numbers are constructed as follows:


where XXXX = the code for the Leak Rate required

where R134a = the default code of the Refrigerant

The leak rate units, codes and ranges available are listed in the table below:

RSC Leak Rates And Leak Units Available

Leak Codes Manufacturing Variance (oz/yr) Manufacturing Variance (g/yr) Example Part Number
0.1 oz or 3G 0.04 to 0.1 oz/yr 1 to 3 g/yr RSC-0.1 oz-R134a
0.25 oz or 7G 0.1 to 0.25 oz/yr 3 to 7 g/yr RSC – 7G – R134a
0.5 oz or 14G 0.25 to 0.5 oz/yr 7 to 14 g/yr RSC – 0.5 oz – R134a
1.0 oz or 85G 0.5 to 1.0 oz/yr 14 to 28 g/yr RSC – 28G – R134a
3.0 oz or 85G 1.0 to 3.0 oz/yr 28 to 85 g/yr RSC – 3.0 oz – R134a

Refrigerants Available

NOTE: The RSC is only available for R134a.