Condensing Unit Proof Test System with Ballistic Nylon Curtain


Image_003This multi-function system for air-conditioning condensing units performs a high-pressure proof test and incorporates a pressure-decay type leak test to detect any large leaks that could cause delays at subsequent high-sensitivity leak test stations. Typically using pressures of 500 to 1000 psig of nitrogen or dry air, personnel protection is provided by the secure Ballistic Nylon Curtain. If a unit passes the test, the automated cycle continues by dumping the high-pressure gas. If a unit fails, the pressure is lowered to a safe level and the curtain is lifted for the operator to “feel” for gas flow and pinpoint the leak location for subsequent repair.

Cycle times of 40 to 60 seconds are usual for this type system depending on the size of the parts and test specifications. Two units can be tested simultaneously, but individually, to meet production requirements. The smart computer-controlled system tracks each part using bar code scanning and records test data including leak locations for quality control functions.