What We Do

VTI Systems Technology includes Leak Detection Processes, Vacuum Processes, Fabrication, Machine Integration, and Automation. Our company technology extends into a diversity of applications in leading industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • HVAC Production
  • Medical
  • Nuclear Plants
  • Semiconductor Production
  • Vacuum Equipment
  • Vacuum Furnaces

VTI’s advanced leak testing technology has been configured with a wide range of control: from simple manual control to fully integrated industrial process automation. Within our leak testing equipment itself, a variety of associated precision measurement functions can be selectively configured to your specific process function needs. Leveraged economic payback to you is optimized in our system designs.

Aerospace Systems

  • Manual Gas Sampling System
  • Missile Canister Leak Test System

Leak Testing Systems for the Automotive Industry

  • Automotive Air Bag Inflators
  • Battery and Battery Components Vacuumulation
  • Fuel Filler Pipes
  • Engine Oil Delivery Components
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Automotive Air Conditioning Hose Assemblies

Leak Testing Systems for the HVAC Industry

  • A/C Heat Pumps and Condenser Units
  • Outside-In Testing on Air Conditioning A-Coils
  • Two Station Testing on Air Conditioning A-Coils
  • Inside-Out Leak Test Station for Evaporator Coils
  • Leak Testing Station for Air Conditioning Components
  • Condensing Unit Evacuation Station
  • Charge-in-Chamber Testing Air Conditioner Condensing Units
  • Condensing Unit Proof Test System with Ballistic Nylon Curtain
  • Leak Testing Station for “Super Size” Slab Heat Exchangers
  • Multi-Refrigerant Leak Testing System for Air Conditioners
  • Refrigerant Gas Recovery System

Leak Testing Systems for the Medical Industry

  • VTI has custom designed and manufactured a leak testing system for Cochlear ear implants.

Leak Testing Systems for Miscellaneous Applications

  • Ball Valve Leak Testing
  • Pressure Relief Valve Test Station
  • Inside-Out Leak Testing for Large Coils of Copper Tubing
  • Repair-Station Leak Tester
  • Evacuation Station Plus Dehydration Analyzer
  • Distributed Evacuation and Charge System
  • Missile Canister Leak Test System
  • Pre-Charged Helium Leak Test System
  • Tracer Gas Charge System
  • Tracer Gas Recovery System
  • Single Evacuation Station
  • SmartStation Leak Test Systems

Vacuum and Metrology Systems

  • Gas Analysis Sampling System With Oven
  • Custom Outgas-Backfill System
  • Automatic Leak Calibration System
  • Custom Gas Analysis System
  • Vacuum Gage Metrology System
  • Automated Bakeout-Backfill Vacuum System