SmartStation™ HS Series

Helium Sniffer – Overview

The SmartStation HS and HSPlus feature VTI’s AERO VAC Odyssey Mass Spectrometer as the measurement heart of the system with high sensitivity, speed, and rugged construction. Both units provide front panel display of signal levels during the measurement cycle. This is augmented by an audible signal to allow leak seeking without visual reference.

Digital electronics allow precise control over test sequence parameters, provide operator prompts as necessary, and include diagnostic functionality to allow rapid fault remedy and maximize system up-time critical to the production environment. The unit can also be integrated into the test procedure with ‘Test Inter-locking’ and connected to the Plant Information Management System for product tracking and test result logging purposes.

A field replaceable sniffer probe with filter assembly and the utilization of a dry sample pump make system maintenance simple and efficient.

The SmartStation HSPlus additionally offers Pressure Decay, Evacuation, Charge, and Exhaust line valves and an additional front panel LCD display. This allows automatic preparation of the test piece with a pressure decay test, evacuation, and charge with helium prior to sniffer leak testing. This minimizes test inconsistencies, ensures uniform test and product quality, and identifies units with gross leaks saving valuable time (and helium) on the production line. Optionally, a recovery valve can be added to permit recovery of the helium test gas after each test with a separate recovery system.


These advantages ideally equip the SmartStation for a multitude of uses including:

  • Air Conditioning Manufacturing
  • Refrigeration Manufacturing
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Aeronautics/Aerospace
  • Research and Development
  • General Leak Checking


The ‘Real World’ concerns itself not with the best possible specification that can be achieved with meticulous care and attention, but with how the system performs on a day-in-day-out basis. Factors such as response time, simple operation, reliability of result, “Up-Time,” and field maintainability are all as critical as the ultimate detection limits of a given system.

VTI addresses these needs with a comprehensive approach to individual component specifications, system operation and integration features, and system support and maintainability.

To discover more about the philosophy behind the SmartStation™ series, visit our Leak Test Files pages where these key issues are individually discussed.


System start up is a single switch operation with automatic pump down and system preparation. With the AERO VAC Odyssey as the measurement heart of the system, the HS Series benefits from the system capabilities of the Odyssey controller. Measurement information and clear display of system status are provided through the front panel as highlighted below.

LED’s indicate measurement hardware status Clear bar graph display of signal levels


Two line display provides signal indication and user prompts Quick access keys for menu navigation Two button system operation STOP and START Single button CALIBRATION Single button BACKGROUND zeroing

Operation can be further simplified with the option of the Bar Code Scanner allowing a single ‘scan’ to represent a ‘macro’ style operation. This can also be used for product registration, the information being made available for communication to the plant computer via the RS232 or Ethernet interfaces.


Leak Detector – (All Models):

  • Sensitivity: 1×10-6 Std cc/sec He
  • Measurement Range: 1×10-6 to 1×10-1 Std cc/sec
  • Response Time: To leak at inlet port – <0.5 s
  • Probe Length: Std – 10 feet
  • Calibration: With standard calibrated leak
  • Start up time: <5 min
  • Signal indication: Audible and Visual (Bar Graph)

Pressure Decay and Charging Capability – (HSPlus only):

  • Valves: Pressure Decay/ Purge gas line, Evac line, Charge gas line (He), Exhaust line
  • Maximum Charge Pressure: Std 100psi, optionally up to 1000 psi
  • Automatic Cycle Control: Simple two button operation and/or Bar Code scan cycle initiation


  • HS – 30″ wide x 12″ deep x 30″ high
  • HSPlus – 30″ wide x 21″ deep x 30″ high


Bar Code Scanner: Provides simple, fast and safe control of instrument functions. Allows “Macro” commands so that sequences can be performed by scanning a single bar code.

Ruggedized Sniffer Probe: Protective Steel Sleeve for industrial environment

Recovery Valve: Allows connection of a HSPlus to a He recovery system

Data-Logging Software: With an external PC, allows serial numbers and test results to be logged with operator, date and time information. (Talk to VTI about integration of this product with your Plant Wide Information Management System)