SmartStation™ VD Series

Vacuum Decay – Overview

The SmartStation VD employs the ‘Vacuum Decay’ method for leak detection. The system is PC controlled with a front panel mounted flat display (touch screen optional) and keyboard/mouse arrangement which stores conveniently beneath the cabinet.

The SmartStation VD offers Vacuum Decay Testing with fine control over system operating parameters (sequence times), a status screen that shows test progress and prompts the operator as needed, a System Schematic screen that allows test tracking and control, and a real time plot of Pressure vs Time.

The SmartStation VD uses a Certified Reference Volume to accurately calculate the volume of the part under test. The system is then able to use the calculated part volume to accurately measure leak rates in terms of atm-cc/sec.

VTI’s attention to detail insures optimum performance of valves, pumps and applies the correct filtration needed for continuous operation on the production line. SmartStation products also allow for product integration into the ‘test network’ with sequential test interlocking, or the ‘Plant Management System’ with product bar code scanning, test result registration and product tracking.


These advantages ideally equip the SmartStation for a multitude of uses including:

  • Air Conditioning Manufacturing
  • Refrigeration Manufacturing
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Aeronautics/Aerospace
  • Research and Development


The ‘Real World’ concerns itself not with the best possible specification that can be achieved with meticulous care and attention, but with how the system performs on a day-in-day-out basis. Factors such as response time, simple operation, reliability of result, “Up-Time,” and field maintainability are all as critical as the ultimate detection limits of a given system.

VTI addresses these needs with a comprehensive approach to individual component specifications, systems operation and integration features, and system support and maintainability.

To discover more about the philosophy behind the SmartStation™ series, visit our Leak Test Files pages where these key issues are individually discussed.


  • System Control: PC Data collection and control
  • Operator Interface: PC, Panel Display, Keyboard, Bar Code Scanner
  • Pressure Transducers: Two absolute capacitance manometer pressure sensors, with pressure ranges of 1 Torr and 1000 Torr, with 0.12% and 0.25% accuracy of reading respectively
  • Vavles: Pneumatically controlled bellows sealed valves – commensurate with pressure range
  • Evacuation Pump: 3 CFM oil-less vacuum mechanical pump with 9 Torr ultimate pressure capability
  • Certified Reference Volume: Approximately equal to manifold plus part, certified to an accuracy of less than +/- 5%
  • Temperature Probe: RTD with accuracy of less than +/- 1C of reading from -5 to 45C
  • Data-Logging Software: the PC, allows product serial numbers and test results to be logged along with operator information and date/time stamp. (Talk to VTI about integration of this product with your Plant Wide Information Management System)
  • Utilities: Dry compressed Air for pneumatic control, 115 VAC 50/60Hz (15A) – contact VTI for other voltages
  • Touch Screen: (Optional) A simple operator window provides all the controls needed for daily operation