The below video shows VTI’s Vacuumulation™ Leak Test System in operation. VTI’s newly developed and patented Vacuumulation™ is a hybrid-technique between traditional hard vacuum mass spectrometer and atmospheric accumulation leak detection methods. In brief, the Vacuumulation™ method reduces the amount of molecules around the unit under test so that the potential leaking molecules are more obvious to the leak detector. In other words, we are making the “needle-in-the-haystack” easier to find by eliminating the haystack.

This particular system is leak testing batteries and uses the Inficon T-Guard leak detector. The dual chamber system completes one test a minute and has a reject rate of 1E-4 atm-cc/sec of helium with a 2 psia fill pressure. Different test specifications and TAKT times can be established based on customer requirements.

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